“Raft-Away River” is an adventure simulation game for two to six players. It is designed to encourage the social skills of effective communication, co-operative behaviour, and problem solving as a group. It also stimulates reading, comprehension and the interpretation of pictorial information.

The game is set on a river bank, following a rafting calamity. As one of the players, you are stranded on the west bank of the river near a cave. The river is the only means of escape, so another raft must be built; but with what? There is insufficient timber on the west bank, so another means must be found to reach the forest on the other side. You and your companions’ problems are multiplied by hunger, cold and the threat of imminent rain and flooding. To escape from this threatening situation requires careful planning and co-operation, using the tools with which you have been provided.

“Raft-Away River” can be played at several levels of difficulty, and the random elements which are incorporated into the program design mean different strategies must be worked out whenever the game is played. Although designed primarily for the promotion of language development and communication, the program’s flexibility enables it to reach a much wider audience. It can be introduced whenever emphasis is placed on leadership, communication, cooperative behaviour and strategic planning.

The program runs on a BBC/B microcomputer with 40/80 track disk drive. This package is supported by a teacher’s manual and a student’s guide.

The Software came packaged with teachers notes and student guides.

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