Born Digital Cultural Heritage
2022 Conference

February 16-19, 2022

A multi-disciplinary event exploring the historical and cultural value of the born-digital

You’re invited to join us for a free, online event hosted by the Play It Again project. We are embracing the possibilities of what an international conference can be in the Zoom era. Zoom webinars will feature keynotes from Klaus Rechert (University of Freiburg) and Dene Grigar (Washington State University) and a series of panels focused on short presentations by international speakers followed by discussion and Q&A. We’ve scheduled sessions in the program to account for different time zones so that all have an opportunity to attend some of the live webinars. We will also be meeting up on our Discord between sessions. If you are in Melbourne, four sessions can be attended in person at ACMI.

We look forward to seeing you. Register to receive the links to webinars and Discord.

Keynotes address emulation as a conservation strategy and reflect upon the implications of preserving flash art. Panels discuss the challenges of preserving born-digital artefacts and discuss best practices for conservation, exhibition and research..

#BDCH22 is a free, virtual event. Please register to receive links to Zoom webinars and further information.

Speakers are researchers and practitioners from libraries, archives, museums, galleries, moving image institutions, software repositories, cultural organisations and universities.

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