“HawkQuest” storyline:

“Your home planet is a peaceful world that possesses a unique technology, a perpetual energy generator that is pollution free. It powers the whole planet and is the only major energy source used. The key to it is an energy crystal that was devised some hundreds of years ago by your ancestors. Unfortunately, the secret died with them, although the crystal will last forever. The crystal has been stolen by an envious race of Metroids, who have taken it home with them. Intelligence reports state they have disassembled the crystal into its 5 component parts and hidden each beneath a different planet in their solar system. Each is hidden in a complex deep underneath the planet, where it is stored in a vault, so that they can study it at their leisure. Each is heavily guarded, and all manner of traps are laid, waiting…

Having been raised on pulp fiction, you volunteer to save your planet, because everything is powerless without the presence of the crystal. All machines are powered by this crystal grid system, in which the crystal is the key device. You board one of the few space cruisers available, and some museum kept helicopters are taken aboard. They have been refitted with lasers and neutron bombs. Your friends volunteer with you in the quest for the crystal, the mission being named “HAWKQUEST”. Your home planet is depending on you.

Successful completion of the game will take you to the end of game animation screen, which shows you returning the assembled crystal to the power generator on your home planet. The power generator is started up, and life is brought back to your planet once again.” (http://hawkquest.tripod.com/hqdocs.txt)

Following their collaboration on Laser Hawk, Andrew Bradfield and Harvey Kong Tin spent three years working part-time on HawkQuest. Development began in 1986 and Red Rat agreed to publish it in September 1989.

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