“Sail the Endeavour” is an educational maths game that mixes in some geography as well, as you sail the “Endeavour” using angles, map scales, etc. This has a fair bit of high resolution graphics and even some crude digitised speech at the start.

In “Sail Around Australia”, you must sail to each of a number of coastal Australian cities in the least number of moves. In each move you specify a bearing, speed and duration to sail.

“Sail the Endeavour” and “Sail around Australia” are different versions of the same program, with different country maps (“Sail the Endeavour” has a New Zealand map). The final version of the program allows the user to choose which country to sail around.

Version Information

The title screen in game says “Around Australia with Steinlager I.” The disk was found amongst a number of floppies, with a former school Apple IIe Platinum, which was purchased near Wanganui, New Zealand. A disk image can be downloaded from http://www.vintage8bit.com/content/sail-around-australia-peter-blake-apple

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Sail Around Australia with Peter Blake and Apple, Around Australia with Steinlager I
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