Stargate for the SNES is a licenced videogame tie-in for the 1994 movie of the same name starring Kurt Russel and James Spader. 1994s Stargate was a science fiction action film that focuses on the discovery of a portal in the Egyptian desert. A stargate, a wormhole through time and space that allowed aliens to travel to and from earth.The setting for the film and game is that portal has allowed aliens to travel form their planet Abydos to earth. And it was the alien culture of Abydos that shaped that of he ancient Egyptian including the building of the pyramids.
The game feature characters from the film and a plot with complementary agenda to the film.
The game is a 2D action side-scrolling platformer where the player controls Colonel Jack O’Neil (the action hero played by Kurt Russel in the film). The game missions require the recovery of the lost member of the party who have been separated by a sandstorm. The player must also collect the missing components of the atomic bomb brought by O’Neil to Abydos to seal the Stargate and find hieroglyphs needed to solve passwords.
The text exchanges between characters is rather droll befitting a Kurt Rusell style action hero. 
In exploring the differing location for these missions the player walks, runs, jumps and climbs to navigate all obstacles in true platform style. For combat O’Neil’s equipped with a machine gun and grenades. Supplies, including ammo and health, are hidden through out the levels. Enemies come in a variety of Ancient Egyptian forms from the more easy to dispatch scarab beetles to the metal skin Horus guards. There is also a flying section where the player dogfights in a glider.
To save Earth and Abydos from the wrath of Ra, the player must defeat Ra in final boss fight.

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Platformers are a game type that adapted easily to licenced movie tie-ins. The conventions of platformer gameplay could be configured to accommodate the differing worlds and characters and encounters from an action movie. Timed to be released to capitalise on the movies marketing, Stargate was in development before the completion of the movie. Developers worked with limited information provided to Acclaim by the movie publishers MGM.
Tantalus’s Trevor Nuradin, Andrew Bailey and Graeme Scott programmed the platformer. Tantalus artist Aljun Bjorksten contribute graphics. But Acclaim’s London based development Studio Probe Entertainment oversaw production and provided the level design, graphics and music for the game. Quality Assurance was provided by Probe and Acclaim.
Tantalus are not credited on the later 1995 release for the Genesis, that was developed by Probe’s team.
The 1994 Stargate game for the for Game Boy and Game Gear is a matching puzzle game and was developed by Beam Software Melbourne and Probe.

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PROBE ENTERTAINMENT Producer - Tony Beckwith Assitant Producer - Tim May Graphci Artists - Lloyd Chidgzey, Darren Goodacre, Mark Knowles, Steve Middleton Music and SFX - Steve Collet, Andrew Brock Mappers - Andrew Cambridge, Mark Hill, Andrew McCarthy, Andrew Scott (Rob just looked at it) Quality - Tim Bradstock, James Brown, Vicky Cheale, Nick McGee, Michael Movel, Clifford Ramsey, Mark Vicary ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT Producers - Robert Leingang (Grey Team), Billy Pidgeon (Red Team) Analysts - Steffan Levine, Joe Libertella, Mark Mermelstein, Eric Weiner Quality Assurance - Carol Caracciolo, Adam Ingberman (Esq.), Hal Turkiewicz, Steve Bremer (Stu) Special Thanks- Diane Cambria, Kelly Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Alessandro De Lucia, Stacy Allyn Hendrickson, Eric Samulski, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Christopher Hadley, Reza Memari, David Dufour Special Thanks Diane Cambria, Kelly Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Alessandro De Lucia, Stacy Allyn Hendrickson, Eric Samulski, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Christopher Hadley, Reza Memari, David Dufour
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