It was Friday the 16th, August 1985, and our first interview on television. Unfortunately the computer was not hooked up and as a programmer I was the closest thing they had to a hardware expert. At the moment it was working I had time to get to the couch, sit down, and the interview started. If you think my first answer was short you must place it in context. I was just thinking what I would do with Commodore if I could get them within striking distance. Luckily Ian answered most of the questions and it went about as well as we could have hoped. It is almost embarrassing to look at the graphics that were available  and I think it is best described by my daughter, Shelley, about 10 years later when she declared “You could actually sell that?”. The “Europe Ablaze” game we were working on was our first failure but it set us up to produce a mixture of war and fantasy games that made an impact around the world.