“Battlefront: Corps Level Command in World War II” is a turn-based strategy/war simulation game. A recreation of the land battles of World War II, it offers the following scenarios: Crete (1941), Stalingrad (1942), Saipan (1944) and Bastogne (1944-5). It includes a complete scenario editor, which is unusual in that it enables creation of new terrain types, and can even be invoked mid-game. This is one of the first series of games in which software micromanaged the actions of the individual units, such as battalions or artillery assets.

The Battlefront game system, released in 1986 for the Apple II and the Commodore 64, was designed for land battles of the Second World War. It simulated the challenges of real command, including those of managing supply and troop fatigue. In response to player requests and fresh design enhancements, SSG released new iterations of their systems adding additional features. Battlefront update Battle of Normandy (1987) added climate types, so scenarios could be created for regions beyond Europe.

This game is part of the Apple Collection that is held at Museum Victoria.

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